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Assembly Buzz was a free service that helped visitors share their comments about school assemblies, read honest reviews, and discover new school shows to bring to their schools.
Content is from the site's 2013 - 2015 archived pages providing a brief snapshot of what this site offered its readership and contributors.

FYI: Brian Curry, the creator of AssemblyBuzz, has a new website, called BRIAN CURRY ASSEMBLIES. His school assemblies focus on math, science and reading. For more information go

Schools Helping Schools Find The Best Assemblies

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Welcome to AssemblyBuzz

I'm Brian Curry, the creator of AssemblyBuzz as well as an assembly performer with Magical Math Tour. I've learned that all school officials and PTA/PTO leaders struggle to match the right performer to a particular school's assembly needs. This site was created in 2010 as a mechanism to help schools identify the best assembly programs for their school. It is a free on-line community where school representatives can give honest feedback about their past assemblies and share this insight with others. In turn, it’s a great way to look up new and existing artists in your area.

Welcome to Assembly Buzz. This website is a free service that will help you share your comments about school assemblies, read honest reviews, and discover new school shows to bring to your schools.

The best way to discover the quality of a school show is to hear what your neighbors are saying! By sharing your review of performances based on specific attributes, you can show where each school assembly program shines. Help other schools make informed decisions. Then, use the site to help you book your next great program. This site can help you find shows based on location, reviews, content, and grade level! Enjoy!


Planning a School Assembly in a Digital Age Made Easy

Everyone loves school assembly shows. Teachers and students alike can laugh and cheer while learning something new. Planning programs, on the other hand, is no cheering matter. You don’t have to be a professional show-biz promoter to book a great show, though. Below are a few simple steps that will guide you to success. School assembly programs range from simple in-class demonstrations to local performers who encourage audience participation to big extravaganzas that fill your gym with wild animals, acrobats, or jump-roping koala bears. Let’s figure out what kind of show will work best for your school. Find out how much you can spend. Prepare yourself to hear some pretty remarkable prices. Shows run from hundred to thousands of dollars. At first, the price may sound like a lot for a 30-60 minute show, but remember that these artists spend … 


Attitude Vs Achievement

Pick your cliche: “Attitude is everything,” “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.” No matter how it’s put, the idea is that your attitude can affect your success. Students hear this message repeated over and over in books, movies, television shows, and on posters hanging on the gym wall. It’s a great idea, but does science really support these statements? Full disclosure…I’m an assembly performer. Every day, I set out to change students’ attitudes about math and science. I combine these core subject matters within a magic show or in minute-to-win-it style game shows. As students enter, I often hear “ugh…I don’t like math.” When they leave, they are pumped and buzzing about their favorite part of the show. Like most assembly performers, I’d like to believe in all of those clichés— and that I’m making a difference … 





Magical Math Tour

(Reviews: 18)

Washington, District Of Columbia

The Magical Math Tour is a magic assembly, so you know the kids will love it. The program reviews math concepts that your students will be tested on during their standardized tests, so you’ll be cheering as well. The show reviews fractions as I tear a newspaper into halves, quarters and eighths, and then magically restores it. It reviews money sense and probability in a special version of “Deal or No Deal.” The Magical Math Tour is 45 minutes jammed with fun facts, audience participation, and inspiring messages about math.

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 5

Student Reaction: 5


For real: I learned about Brian Curry and his Magical Math Show at my daughter's elementary school PTA. A parent of a transfer student brought up the topic. Apparently the child's former school booked the Magical Math Show every year, often having a show for younger classes and then following with a show for the older students. The school's PTA raised funds every year specifically to book the shows. The parent was encouraging our PTA to do likewise. A committee was formed to look into Brian Curry and the three different assemblies that he offered. A presentation was made at the next PTA meeting and a vote taken. The next fund raiser was dedicated to raising money for two performances. Once the principal signed off for the assemblies, the shows were booked.

The day of the Magical Math Show, my daughter came home from school so excited about the assembly. I was just finishing up an order at GoodnightDog for our Bichon Frise whom we call The Duchess. I wanted a new bed for Her Dogginess that didn't look like a typical dog bed and would not stick out in our rather formal living room. At GoodnightDog they sell luxury round dog beds covered in decorator fabric. The beds actually look like floor pillows. I was able to buy a designer dog bed in a lovely toille fabric that coordinated perfectly with the living room drapes. My daughter Kip ran into my study with a drawing she had made of the assembly. I clicked PAY on the order screen and turned around to hear about her day at school and admire the picture she had drawn. Apparently she had been picked by Brian Curry to help perform a magic trick during the Magical Math Show and was just thrilled to beyond. The Duchess picked up Kip's excitement and was jumping about. Kip then said to me in all seriousness, "You know we use so much math all day long. It's so extraordinary. I just never realize it. But my eyes are open now."

Thank you PTA, I silently said to myself. And thank you Brian Curry!



Pop Quiz

(Reviews: 17)

Washington, District Of Columbia

You don’t have to be a rock star to feel like one with the assembly game show Pop Quiz. Contestants from your school will attempt a series of Minute to Win It style challenges while reviewing some really important math and science concepts. During the program your students will compete to win up to $100 in books, kits, or other prizes for your school. You have NEVER seen your students this excited about math and science. Pop Quiz is a full multimedia presentation that will have your school cheering from the very first minute!

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 4.941175

Student Reaction: 5

Math Magic Science Circus

(Reviews: 13)

Acworth, Georgia

The “Math Magic Science Circus” is an age adjustable assembly program (K-Middle school) with a focus on forces of motion, gravity, inertia, and friction. Also math concepts that are grade appropriate, and meet state standards are presented through sleight of hand and illusion! Newton’s laws of motion, air resistance, centripetal force, center of balance, and so much more are demonstrated through juggling, sleight of hand magic, circus stunts, and audience participation/interaction! Scientific method is also communicated in detail.

Arthur Atsma performs hundreds of educational shows each year for schools, libraries, festivals, science museums, and educational conferences across the country. A variety of subjects which include reading, math, and science, and “Going Green” can be viewed online at click the page titled “School Assembly Programs” Contact today for availability, fees, and booking discounts! Phone: 404-502-3004 email:

Overall Rating:>5

Teacher Reaction:5

Student Reaction:5



(Reviews: 11)

CHALFONT, Pennsylvania

Bach 2 Rock- This program presents the simplicity of the solo acoustic violin and its origins demonstrated by performing a simple Bach minuet. Whisked into present day, Caryn uses the five string electric violin, sound effects, her voice, & percussion instruments to transcend that “solo” sound by doing what is called “looping. ” She creates sound loops live that are added to and embellished, playing in essence live duos, trios, and more, with herself. Bruce, her sound technician, demonstrates and loops electronic drums and electric guitar. This three dimensional sound magic is performed right before your eyes through a full professional sound system. Audiences of ALL ages are captivated. A (Fun) large screen power point presentation accents the show. Caryn also tells two anti-bullying, inspirational, motivational stories. Students are always included and anxious to participate on stage. Program lasts approximately 45-50 minutes. Grades K-12 and beyond. This School Show is available within 1000 miles of CHALFONT, PA
215 817 3938

Overall Rating: 4.90909

Teacher Reaction: 4.90909

Student Reaction: 4.90909

The Reading Rocks Magic Show

(Reviews: 10)

Absecon, New Jersey


Joe Holiday’s Reading Rocks Magic Show is the perfect literacy assembly program with a unique blend of stage magic, comedy, hit music and audience participation. The show is kid tested, teacher approved, filled with state of the art magic effects and scripted material. A brief description of each book or series of books is delivered, then followed by a specially chosen magic effect incorporating the theme or characters to bring it to life and get your students excited about reading.

RR Front2014
Each performance showcases several different books across multiple reading levels. including popular and recognizable tiles such as: “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” “Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution” “The Chocolate Touch” Cowboy Camp, The Flying Hockey Stick”, “Fairly Fairy Tales”, “Captain Underpants” and “The Origami Yoda Series” just to name a few. Reading Rocks is completely self-contained which means all props, set pieces and audio equipment are transported and set up by Joe which is factored into the cost of the show.

You only have to provide a space to set up and perform, a nearby electrical outlet and an audience! Perfect for a family reading night, special events, to kick off your next book fair or simply just A GREAT ASSEMBLY PROGRAM!

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 5

Student Reaction: 5

Creating Confident Children

(Reviews: 9)

Algonquin, Illinois


Where music, writing, and art come together to support YOUR GOALS


Your VOICE has power…Use it for Greatness! You are on the same team…Bullies not welcome! Success at home results in success at school!

How to enhance your already effective curriculum by properly inspiring, motivating, and preparing your students for continued success as they move up the educational ladder.

Reward them for their current achievements and inspire them for future success. Teachers want more respectful, responsible, & motivated students so they can focus on teaching. Creating Confident Children™ workshops and assemblies does that very thing and much much more.

Through this process your students will:

Find their voice • Cultivate their passion • Increase their confidence • Increase their creativity • More aware of the words they choose to use (This program covers issues with bullying and how to move beyond hurtful actions) These skills are truly the ingredients that help shape leaders.

“Victor’s workshop was truly amazing! During the two days Victor spent at our school, the excitement was apparent. The children, teachers, and staff will never forget the experience. Victor’s powerful message to believe in yourself and there’s nothing you can’t do touched all of us. At the family night, the culmination of the two day program, the parents participated in the amazing experience as the children stood in front of a jam-packed gymnasium, sharing their dream while their drawing was projected behind them. Even the shyest children stood proud without fear. It is an experience all of us will remember.” ~Nicole Carson, Aspen Elementary

A one day workshop culminating in a parent component specifically designed to bring the parent/child together in a powerful and transformational setting.



More respectful and self-motivating students • Increase community at school – less negative behavior • More positive reinforcement among peers • Better connection at home results in better learning at school


Improved social emotional skills • Confidence to attempt new activities, i.e., instrument, sports, dance, etc. • Improved self-esteem • Deeper respect for classmates and one’s self (covers anti-bullying topic in a delicate and powerful manner)  • Deeper relationship with parents

Victor’s Journal and workbook are the perfect supplement to reinforce the key lessons of this workshop. (Discounts apply for bulk orders.)


Step 1 – (INSPIRE & CONNECT) – The students take an active role as they are inspired with a high energy musical program that begins this unique process. (45 minute presentation

Step 2 – (VISION & CREATE) – Students go through a process that allows them to declare their goals through a writing/art component.

Step 3 – (CONFIDENCE & OPPORTUNITY) – Their VOICE is Heard – The students proudly share their work with family and friends.

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 5

Student Reaction: 5


Awesome Jump Rope Show - "My Life as a Hot Dog" By Rene Bibaud

(Reviews: 8)

Seattle, Washington


Five-Time World Jump Rope Champion, Rene Bibaud performs her highly acclaimed jump rope shows, but more importantly, connects with kids and truly inspires…. Rene Bibaud failed to make her elementary school’s Hot Dogs jump rope team as a 10-year old. Today, decades later, René has: won five world championships; toured the world as a performer for the renowned Cirque du Soleil; appeared on television, in feature films, and on thousands of stages; is a commentator for ESPN; and, created her own business with a mission of youth motivation and fitness. Now René shares the wonderful lessons she learned as a 10-year old that transformed defeat into determination and a passion to always give her best. René delivers a powerful 45-minute program combining dazzling performances with fun interactive audience participation.

While the entertainment grabs the kids’ attention, René masterfully anchors essential messages about best effort, determination and fitness. Students are enthralled and motivated. Faculty and staff are equally moved and leave with a persuasive tool for the classroom. As one teacher said in 2010, “For the remainder of the school year, every time I needed to give a child a boost, I just said, ‘Remember René.’” School officials often regard Rene’s show as a perfect balance of entertainment and the important character education messages. Rene has over a decade of school assembly experience, and has been teaching most of her life. Her abilities to motivate and engage large audiences is a specialty and unique skill that makes her show well rounded, meaningful and memorable. The way she anchors essential messages makes it understandable and accessible for kids of all ages. Her program is highly regarded nation-wide.

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 5

Student Reaction: 5

Pam the Kindersinger and Rascal

(Reviews: 8)

Monkton, Maryland


Celebrate the Seasons: interactive fun with singing, dancing and puppetry. Try Fall into Autumn, the Icicle Ball, Spring Fling or Sizzlin’ Summer Fun. Holiday Happenings: Halloween, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter and Happy Birthday America. Lots of audience participation makes this a must see. Get Up and Glow: Nutrition, hygiene and exercise are fun subjects with Pam and Rascal. Go Green: Our environment, habitats, recycling, learn to care for our Mother Earth through Pam’s original songs. Let’s All Get Along: Conflict resolution, Manners, Character and Values, you choose one or mix them up. Pam and Rascal address bullying, arguing,respecting each other’s space through song, dance and puppetry.

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 5

Student Reaction: 5

Read Yourself Silly

(Reviews: 7)

Washington, District Of Columbia

Students will be inspired to read as Paul tells the story of how a trip to the circus led him on an adventure filled with juggling, magic, and balloon sculpting. In the end, he …

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 5

Student Reaction: 5

Dr. Quinton Quark Presents... Much Work with Little Effort - Simple Machines

(Reviews: 7)

Brattleboro, Vermont

(800) 728-8207

Dr. Quinton Quark Presents… Much Work with Little Effort! is the most fun your kids will ever have while learning. Intended to be the first physics lecture our future scientists ever see, this spectacular program is designed to inspire and delight and show kids how much FUN physics can be.

Presented by the wacky, funny, smart, irrepressible Dr.Quark, this show uses tons of audience participation and oversized props (a ten-foot lever with an adjustable fulcrum a typical kid can use to lift 1000 pounds of volunteers, and a 14-foot tall tripod a typical third-grader can use to hoist a typical principal to the ceiling) to teach them that “with physics, you can do anything.” All experiential, all the time! At the end of the show the audience demonstrates their mastery of Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Simple Machines, and Friction by figuring out how to throw a Bozo-Bop doll over Dr. Quark’s head….

Without ever touching Bozo-Bop! This show is generally presented to an audience of K – 2 (60 minutes) followed by an audience of 3 – 6 (70 – 75 minutes). It plays big – it has been used for audiences as large as 2000 and as small as a couple of dozen (and every audience member got to be on stage for that show!). It does require a 14-foot ceiling; a 16-foot ceiling is preferred (typical in an elementary school basketball court or on a large stage).

This program is written and presented by Ted Lawrence, certified veteran physics and chemistry teacher and former Ringling Bros. clown. Booking generally between Maine and Philly and Syracuse, but willing to take block bookings (3 or more schools) just about anywhere. Call for details. Slapstick Science = Real Science + Real Fun

Overall Rating: 5

Teacher Reaction: 5

Student Reaction: 5

Welcome Performers!


Question: ”My father said that nothing is free…how can that be?”

Answer: First off…don’t you think you’re a bit old to be quoting your dad?  Second, this site really is free the same way that google is free.  Anyone can list their assembly on this site.  If you love the site, and we know you will, you can pay to ‘Feature’ your assembly.  

Question: How do I sign up?!

Answer: Easily my favorite question.  We’ll need a bunch of your information to set up your page.    Please email it to:

Question: What if I get a bad review?

Answer: We all have bad days.  Although most schools don’t come on our site to criticize our performers, it is possible to get a negative review.  If this happens, you’ll have the opportunity to respond to the review.  Keep in mind, that new reviews push old reviews down the page.  So have your next 3 great assemblies post a positive comment and soon no one will even see it on your page.  After a year, bad reviews are taken off the page.

Question: What if I see a fake review?

Answer: Report it to:  We will confirm the validity of the review.  If an assembly is found to have fake reviews, they will be immediately removed from the site.

Question: Can I post a review emailed to me from a school?

Answer: No, we need the review to come directly from the school.  Although it is very rare, some reviews are called into question.  If this happens–we need to be able to prove that these were real reviews by having the contact information of that reviewer.  For that reason, we insist that the reviews are posted by the school contacts.



School Themes

Posted by : Brian 09 December, 2014

January: Art Appreciation, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, New Year Celebrations, Rain Forest

February: Black History Month, Endangered Animals, Inventors and Inventions, Oceans, Presidents’ Day

March: Music, Nutrition Month, Plants, Weather, Women in History

April: Math Education Month, Earth Day, National Poetry Month, Zoo and Aquarium Month

May: Memorial Day, Space/Solar System

June: Safety, Summer Fun

July: Amusement Parks, Independence Day

August: Back to School, Travel

September: Character Building, Fall, Grandparents Day. Labor Day. Ramadan

October: Bugs and Insects, Computers, Dinosaurs, Explorers

November: Celebrate Reading, Thanksgiving, U.S. Geography, Veterans Day

December: Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanzaa. Winter


A Flip The Switch with VIC Moment


Victor travels the country sharing his life changing messages to over 500,000 children and countless parents. Victor is the author of three books and has been designing unique experiences for young people to create that confident voice for over 15 years now.

Helping parents with their child’s confidence and self-esteem is the foundation for Victor’s workshops and presentations. Schools bring these programs in to reinforce the social emotional component of the district’s curriculum.

Being called, ‘The Inner-tainer’, Victor’s programs and workshops are a combination of core confidence building strategies and tools, and original music that sets the tone for an educational and fun experience



A Flip The Switch with VIC Moment

Posted by : Brian 17 November, 2014

Do you have personal heroes? Do you have someone in your life that is there for you, listens to you, and inspires you? When I ask children this simple question their hands fly up in the air. A smile immediately covers their face. Children more now than ever need positive people in their lives. Life is moving so fast these days with the internet, technology, and TV. There are so many choices out there. It seems that children hug their electronic devices more than their parents.

Now I ask, “Who do you want to be a hero to?” When I ask this question I typically get less hands up because people have a tendency to devalue themselves. I am suggesting for you to be a hero to someone you love. After all, isn’t life all about giving? Being a hero to someone you love is the best gift any child can receive. So, create your own reality TV show by being there for that special child and I guarantee you will win, “Best Parent” many many times.



A Flip The Switch with VIC Moment

Posted by : Brian 09 November, 2014

This is by far one of my favorite quotes.  Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”  He goes on to say, “Listen to your music, and do what you know you have to do to feel whole, to feel complete, and to feel as if you’re fulfilling your destiny.  You’ll never be at peace if you don’t get that music out and let it play.  Let the world know why you’re here, and do it with passion.”  Isn’t that amazing wisdom? You can use this in any category of your life.  Sometimes, however, to let our music out requires to step outside our comfort zones and try something that might make us a little uncomfortable at first, but it’s necessary for our growth.  We are used to doing the same behaviors over and over again expecting different results.  Today, as I was walking into my office, I had my wallet in my left hand.  I always put it in my back left pocket.  That’s been my habit for, well, forever.  For whatever reason, I grabbed it in my right hand and put it in my back right pocket.  It felt very strange.  This is a simple example, but it proves the point that when we are comfortable with something, we typically don’t want to change.  Let’s take Dr. Dyer’s words and not just think about how great it would be, but let’s take action and make it happen!  I guarantee whatever it is, it will change lives…..starting with your own.  Don’t die with your music still in you.



A Flip The Switch with VIC Moment

Posted by : Brian 03 November, 2014


Do you ever set goals? Do you ever visualize the goal being completed?
What feelings surface when you think and see the completed goal in your mind? Through all of my studies on personal development, I have realized that our feelings come from our thoughts and our actions and are a direct result of those thoughts and feelings. Our outside world is determined by our inside world. It’s so important to teach our children the thought – feeling – action connection.  In essence, your goals start within, and your enthusiasm and the action you take determine the success of that goal. Your destination is inside your heart.  Let it guide you, motivate you, and inspire you.



A Flip The Switch with VIC Moment

Posted by : Brian 18 October, 2014

Forgive it Away

“I was frustrated, sad, and angry with my father for causing such pain to the family. I was so saddened by the way he hurt my mom over and over again. I overcame by forgiving him. This is an essential key to this whole book. Mark Twain said it perfectly, “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” Please read this over and over. I had to do so many times to truly understand it. I forgave my father because he helped himself to become a better person. If you don’t forgive, then you physically live today while your mind is living in the past. We all know that the past is the past. You can’t change it. You can use it either to complain or sustain. If you complain about it, it’s because you have not forgiven someone or even yourself for that matter. For you to live a full life, you must forgive that person who has hurt you.”